cnywc.2 delayed

cnywc07i’m sending a big shout-out to marko, darian & tic because the first ever cnywc was a success.

the general sessions, music, speakers and the workshops were great. i think that with the majority of canadian speakers & workshop leaders it was a major step in the right direction. with this being the first cnywc it has laid a good foundation for further discussions on locations and moving it to become 100% canadian. i was humbled and very proud at the same time to be a part of history in the making. thank you to the three guys above for allowing me to be part of the beginning of something that will only grow in canada.

i’m sitting at the vancouver airport and my flight is 2.5hrs delayed because of the bad weather. actually the canceled my flight and put me on another one.  i’m supposed to be landing in toronto at 1230am and then  speaking  tomorrow  morning  twice to 200+ students as we begin our new christmas series on the unopened gift. i still need to finish up my talk.

sometimes delay is a spiritual gift.


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