o-negative.jpgmy workshop was amazing. great conversation. great interaction and the material really resonated with all that attended. there was around 50 youth workers who attended and they ranged from volunteers, part-time, full-time and 3/4 time. re:focusing your youth ministry (title of my talk) starts with my love for God. Had some great follow-up conversations with many of them afterwards.

i then had a former student show up who I haven’t see in years. she’s a nurse out here in white rock just outside of vancouver. that was great surprise and it was great to get caught up wit her. i’m really excited b/c she is volunteering in her youth ministry. i felt really proud of her (in a good way) and was almost glowing for her and what God is doing in her life.  we all knew that you would become a nurse and i’m so proud that you are a volunteer in youth ministry. look at me, i’m glowing again.

i then went out with a former intern who has been doing youth ministry at the same church out fredrickton, nb for the past five years. mark is loving youth work and i’m excited to see what he’s doing and where God is leading him. blessings mar on your leadership, your family and ministry.

to cheryl and mark: i love you both. i am so thankful for what you are doing for the kingdom of God. may you re:main faithful to your relationship with God. continually draw near to him and use your energy and passions to celebrate what God is doing around you. i’m proud of both of you. re:main focused on God.


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