dec0207-strandedcar.jpgi finally arrived in toronto this morning at 6:30am. my flight in vancouver had been delayed, cancelled, delayed again for 10.5hrs due to the bad weather. when i arrived in toronto the weather is worse. the best part for me was running in to my good friend ann from highlands yfc who was waiting for the same flight. we passed the time getting caught up and discussing ministry. ann is beginning something new for highlands yfc, pray for her. thanks ann for hanging out and making the wait go much faster than it might have.

i love snow and love how it changes the landscape. i love how it muffles sound. i love throwing snowballs. i love seeing dogs playing in the snow and kids building snow forts. what i don’t love about snow are the other drivers who don’t know how to drive in it.

i’m home, resting and thankful for my team pulling together base when two of us on staff couldn’t make it in today. thank you to dedicated team of volunteer youth workers and students who made this morning a great success.

happy birth day to jenn. I know that you were shocked at what your girls planned but it shows how much they love you and how you have become part of the fabric of their lives. you rock jenn.


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