golden compass brian bethune of macleans magazine has written by far the best article i have read on this upcoming movie. (read article)

personally i have been battling not to jump to conclusions on this. here’s what i mean; there has been a great deal written and spoken regarding author pullman being an atheist and it’s being used as a major point for certain people in trying to convince others not to go see this film adaptation of his book. i struggle with this point.

i still pay my taxes even though i know that part of my taxes go to the health care system that funds abortions in canada. i have engaged in various streams of entertainment that would make others questions my moral decision. i also have many people in my life who do not believe what i do spiritually, but i don’t go around describing them to others based on that fact. nor do i try to convince others not to associate with them based of that fact. i need to be very careful about the message that i am communicating to others.

would i be willing to take my atheist friend to see the narnia movies? of course! i would even pay for his ticket.

would i be willing to have my atheist friend take me to see the golden compass?

criticism does not require fact or intelligence – doug fields


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