nathan vs. tree

img_1615.jpg when nathan came downstairs this morning he found a very large and ominous burning bush looking thing in the living room. he wasn’t to sure what to make of it. how could you blame him, he avoids the vacuum even when it’s just in the room.

he loved the lights and even went and touched one of e the branches to see what it feels like. he then went and played like nothing was new, but every once in a while during his play he would stop and glance over at the tree. you could tell he was processing but not sure what to make of it yet. the only thing he knows is that this thing is in his play space.

i know that the battle will happen at some point. i just hope i’m there to see it. nathan vs. tree. i’m taking bets on when he pulls or knocks over the tree. make a comment and give me your pick. you can be as vague or specific as you would like. it’s up to you.

let’s get ready to rumble!


One thought on “nathan vs. tree

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