nathan the ladies man

img_1551.jpg true story. last night we had to go and pick up a few things at the mall. so being the good husband i decided to take heather and nathan out for supper. they had had a bit of a rough day. we got to the restaurant and had to wait a few minutes to be seated. i let nathan walk around a bit in the big open space that mall hallways provide at which time nathan discovered that he could see over a small brick wall into the restaurant if he stood on his tippy toes, which of course was a huge success for him.

as nathan started peeking over the wall he quickly discovered that there were 20-30 girls from a traveling dance/gymnastics group sitting directly on the other side. one by one they started to see nathan and the girly sighs, smiles and comments of how cute he was started. i thought i would have fun with this so i picked nathan up and stood him on the brick wall so he could see all the girls and they could see him. what happened next was all nathan being a ladies man.

he started waving and of course the girls waved back. this continued for a while until he was excited and proud of what was happening so he started clapping. of course the girls clapped back. nathan then started to conduct these 20-30 girls in various forms of flirting and interaction. he would clap, they would clap. he would wave, they would wave. he would raise his hands above his head and cheer, they would raise their hands above their heads and cheer. this continued for well over 5 minutes. heather and i just stood and laughed.

nathan the ladies man.


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