img_1616.jpg i need to admit something to you. it’s a real issue and i’m not sure what you’re going to think when i say. i’m a little nervous in admitting this but here goes . . . i’m not perfect. now you might be thinking that i’m finally realizing what others have known for years. really?

i’ve been renovating my basement and i have realized over and over again that who ever did the electrical wiring before i got here was a complete moron. i have electrical outlets in the basement that are randomly connected to a few outlets on the main floor. i have discovered that when they laid the foundation that it wasn’t square or even true. i now have warped drywall. in some cases i’ve had to completely tear things out in order to make things right. in other cases i have only done patch work and accepted the deficiencies. i sometimes get mad or frustrated on some of the previous work and yet can easily accept my own half-assed work because i’m tired and/or i want to get it done quicker.

my life is like my basement right now. there are some things that i am willing to allow God to tear out, re-wire, and re-build to make things right. the way he wants them to be. there are other things that i am willing to accept that i know God is frustrated at me, but i am unwilling to let him rip it out.

renovatus: not an easy thing when God makes it personal.


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