six years married

family08 it’s true. there are days that I cannot believe it’s been that long because time has flown by. then there are other days when it seems like we are moving slower than a stuffed up nose you can’t clear out.

december 15th, heather & i celebrate our wedding anniversary. these past seven years (when you include a year of dating) have been amazing. in my last post renovatus i admitted not being perfect and i’m sure that i am also very hard to live with most times.

my dear heather, you have brought me more joy, happiness and completeness then i could have ever imagined. God obviously knew what he was doing by bringing us together. i could not imagine my life without you. we have had our challenges, struggles and even life itself has been in doubt because of your leukemia, but it has been your love for Jesus, your complete trust, obedience and respect for where he was leading you that has been your strength which has allowed us to press on. when i could not see any hope you showed me how to feel it. when i could not explain something you revealed to me the mystery of God. thank you for loving me, living with me and laughing with me (sometimes at me). you have shown me the heart of God. thank-you for six years married. thank you for all you do with our son. may he live up to his name-sake; gift of God, and may he be the truth sayer that we know God wants him to be. i look forward to rest of our years together.

six years married. i love you more today then have the previous 2,555 days we have been together.


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