whats that?

img_1689.jpg that’s nathans favorite question right now. no matter how many times he points at something and asks his question, he gets the same answer. so one day i thought i would change it up on him and start calling really obvious things by something else’s name. whats that? an airplane. it was actually a ball. he would then look back at the object, look back at me. then shake his head no! i keep trying this experiment from time to time to see if i can catch him. it hasn’t worked yet.

i believe that he knows what it is that he’s pointing at but wants to get confirmation that he’s thinking the right thing or to try to catch me to see if i really know what i’m talking about.

i’m really glad he spends most of the time during each day with his mother. honestly, each morning i am greeted by nathan standing in his crib and before i can say anything. he points at something in his room and it starts all over again.

whats that?


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