christmas travels

subway once everyone was up after a bit of a sleep in we all came down stairs and nathan experienced his first christmas as a toddler. the first 30 minutes of gifts was taken up with nathan opening the gifts but then being more interested in his bowl of grapes. as a parent we always have expectations on how things will go especially on a christmas morning with a toddler. it never occurred to me that grapes could ever be more important than gifts. but if any of you know nathan you know that food is in the top four of important things in his life. #1: bottle, #2-3: food/cell phone (these can switch at any time), #4: tv remote/computer mouse.

travlled to heather’s sisters place while her and her husband went downtown to do a program with brad’s work evergreen. we looked after the girls, two grandparents & nathan. feed them spaghetti for lunch, a great christmas day meal. pam & brad arrived home around 3pm and we then opened presents and all three kids were more interested in everyone else’s gifts. typical.

we then traveled another 30 minutes to heather and pam’s cousins house for christmas meal (had to wait for the potatoes to arrive but man were they worth the wait), presents and loads of dessert. nathan scored huge this year. i suppose being a 14 month old help in the cute department so you get more gifts.

traveled back home and we were all exhausted. heather and i talked before going to bed about what it is that we really need. i have a great wife and son, the rest of the family is awesome, fantastic friends, a great position at a great organization with a great bunch of people, a house and town that i live in. honestly what else do i need. i have my typical needs of socks and underwear and various clothes when they wear out but i don’t need more than that. my money can go much farther in other countries or even the local food back.

my christmas travels for both my family and my money needs to be different next year.


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