family08 from childhood through my teen years i never really understood this. i always thought that family was some sort of pecking order for getting what you wanted. it could depend on your birth order, whether you were from a single parent home, blended family, or whatever. either way i thought one way but it was not until recently that i came to realize that family was something completely upside down to what i had thought.

it’s actually something that i can’t express in words. it’s more a mosaic of feelings and experiences all blended together. it’s actually something quite amazing, something rather unique. there are times when it takes my breath away and other times when it makes me want to walk away in frustration. no matter how many times we try to avoid them or embrace them, they will be there. birth and death may come but it is family, good and bad, that is constant in our lives. it something that is greater than biology or dna. the tallest and strongest walls can be built between family members and the hardest hearts can be melted by the smallest action. every family unit is unique as well as dysfunctional, never normal. through out the ages, one of the most powerful forces has been the family.



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