winter retreat 1.3

img_1761.jpg we made it back safely but obviously really tired from lack of sleep. saturday nights’ tournament of risk took place in my cabin and we had a good competition between six guys and the rest of us were the peanut gallery or we fell asleep.

sunday morning we finished our sibling rivalry game and handed out the final cabin competition prizes and the jr. high cabins destroyed the high school cabins. seth and his jr. high boys cabin won out-right in the last game with everyone participating. i did the last sessions message and talked about moving beyond from where you are, growing up and recognizing that our relationship with god must grow as we grow otherwise we will eventually be left with feelings of missing the point.

our group picture before we left was a highlight. everyone had a handful of snow smiled pretty for two pictures and then let the one student who drove everyone crazy all weekend have it with a barrage of snowballs, piles of snow, etc… then everyone slept on the bus ride home.

overall i would say that it was one of the best retreats i’ve been on. completely old school. the only thing we didn’t use was an overhead projector.

thanks to all our youth workers for all you did this weekend by giving up your weekend, your families and your sleep to spend time with our students. you are the true heroes to me. our youth workers are: seth, amy antonette, adam, sandra, kevin, steve, jennifer, tim and jonno.

to our youth workers: rest.


2 thoughts on “winter retreat 1.3

  1. we had an amazing time. it was really cool having jr. high and high school all together. it was truly a base retreat. we missed having you there. maybe next year. oh, wait, you’ll have to go with the point next year. wow! you’re all grown up leanna.

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