jesus is canadian?

link_to_jc2.jpg exists to help individuals connect with the larger canadian christian community. their goal is to help you find the information you need and to facilitate connections between groups and individuals on a national level. they launched their website at the beginning of january and i know it has been a long process but guys it looks awesome.

bookmark this website, pass it on to your ministry friends, and check it out. they have a great deal of information and i’m really excited about what they are doing and proud to call them friends.

maybe jesus is canadian eh!?!


2 thoughts on “jesus is canadian?

  1. I am really curious to hear how the book turns out. I know a lot of high school friends that could fit into that problem of having no motivation. I wonder how the parents of these boys fit into the problem. If you get a chance to check out the new Maclean’s there is a great article on the rise of teen pregnancy. If you get a chance I emailed you tonight about the Jam.

  2. i read the article on the plane yesterday. used my highlighter a ton of times. its a good article but i still have many unanswered questions. i’ve had to order the book online, no one out here has it. shoudl have it by the end of the week. replied to your email.

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