ten websites every youth worker should know

never before in the developed world have youth workers been so resourced in terms of information. here are ten very helpful sites for you:

BibleGateway.com On this site you can search a multiplicity of Bible translations in a variety of languages by word, phrase, topic, or passage. Among the twenty-one English translations are

Crosswalk.com’s Bible Study Tools

This very helpful site includes:

BibleStudy.org’s Bible Maps & Timelines just what it says. lots of maps from the old and new testaments


This site features A Devotionals Page that includes;

Leadership University – A large repository of fine articles relevant to the pastor including pieces on apologetics, systematic theology, philosophy, etc.

Fides Quaerens Internetum – a portal to the theological net featuring sites from a multiplicity of theological perspectives.

Grace Online Library – a fine collection of articles, books, etc from the Reformed tradition.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – a dizzying assortment of entire books.

Creeds of Christiandom

Christianity Today – CT is the source for what’s going on today in evangelicalism

Books for Christ – Canadian company, Canadian prices with cheap prices once you have a membership.

this is just my opinion of ten (actually 11: thought of one right at the end) yet very helpful websites for youth workers. if you are thinking, i can’t believe he didn’t mention ______, please enlighten us in comments!

(ht to digital.leadnet.org)


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