the homeless evangelist

homeless.jpg what is your normal response when you are asked to do something? i hated being told to do something when i was younger. even if i knew with every fabric of my being that it was the right thing to do. now as an adult with children of my own, i still hate being told what to do, yet when god asks me to join him in what he is doing on something specific what is my usual response? if god asked me to leave my so called life, could i honestly sell everything, leave everything, and do it?

“take a minute to talk to one of these people. his name is brandt russo. he is 23, and he lives on the streets … willingly. yes, willingly. he has chosen to live homeless because he believes that another world is possible. and that world starts with us, followers of christ, selling everything, dropping everything to follow this radical revolutionary we claim to love. (read full article here)



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