myth of freedom

half youth 80% of graduating high school students leave the church and their faith. ever heard that statistic before? i was always concerned about what it represented and how i have heard it used over the past number of years.

what i see are many high school students remaining in their faith and church after graduating high school, yes some do leave but it has come down to be more about relevancy and connection than anything else. if a high school student is connected in their church/youth ministry they are less likely to leave their faith and the church after graduation.

Thom S. Rainer and Sam S. Rainer III did some research on this and came up with this:

Sadly, many students do leave the church after high school. But the heart of the issue isn’t freedom—it involves a disconnect between the local church and the lives of the students. In high school, most students do not make that vital connection with their church. And when church doesn’t play a critical role, these students end up replacing one social venue with another. Church is out; college life is now in. The church wasn’t essential to them in high school, so why would it change in college? (outreach magazine article here)


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