expelled the movie

expelled-250×250.jpg expelled: no intelligence required is a movie by fan favourite ben stein. it is to be released april 2008 and has created movements on myspace and facebook.

even before it’s released it is getting strong reviews:

“It’s (EXPELLED) going to appeal strongly to the religious, the paranoid, the conspiracy theorists, and the ignorant –– which means they’re going to draw in about 90% of the American market.”  -Atheist blogger and fabulist PZ Myers, on a film he has not yet seen.


can it really be true that the elitism of science can create such a comotion of blacklisting other scientists because they want to pursue the evidence of intelligent design? only because this is the age of darwinism? or could it be true that this movie was researched and interviews held on cameras under a false name so that these scientists would not with-hold their opinion?

here are some articles about the movie: ny times article, shoutlife.com, and has been blogged about since early fall 2007 at lifeethics.com.

after watching the trailer and doing my own little research, i am really looking forward to seeing this movie.



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