failure of youth ministry

below is a quote from one of my author mentors, Mike Yaconelli.

So let’s be honest.Youth ministry as an experiment has failed. If we want to see the church survive, we need to rethink youth ministry.What does that mean? I don’t have a clue. But my hunch is that if we want to see young people have a faith that lasts, then we have to completely change the way we do youth ministry in North America. I wonder if any of us has the courage to try.  

Anyone else with me on this? 


4 thoughts on “failure of youth ministry

  1. woops, that last comment was me, was logged into my other blog account. email me if you’re free anytime the following week for getting togeher.

  2. Great quote. I would agree and the only thought I can think of is making youth ministry more relational. Think of how much more influence a leader can have if they personally KNOW each student.

  3. That’s a big statement from the guru himself (RIP). The whole concept (idea) of age stratification within the church was borrowed from the Public school system and the Sunday School movement. I think that is the place to start. The whole “relevance to culture” deal that was sold to us hook, line and sinker must be questioned. Good topic.

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