enjoy them. love them. present christ to them.

rp001000.jpg i first heard my senior pastor say that to me before i spoke at our two morning services in “big church”. at first i thought it was a really nice email that he sent to encourage me, and it did. but it kept coming to my mind and each time i was seeing it in a new light. i didn’t fully understand the short note until i was standing in front of our congregation getting ready to start my message at our early service. i was awestruck as those three short sentences played through my mind. i became overwhelmed and realized that it was, “Christ in me.” (colossians 1:27)i was then able to share these same three little sentences with our youth workers before they went back to their cabins at our winter retreat and try to regain control of their students for the first night. since then, i have realized how unprepared for any conversation with any of our students i really am. it has truly become christ living in me and through me that makes me prepared for those conversations. it has become a surrendering of my life to god. by surrendering i know that i am allowing god’s decisions to overrule my own, allowing his will to be done in my life. when it comes to every single person in our lives, whether family, friends, co-workers, etc…enjoy them. love them. present christ to them.js 


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