missional: evil/genius?

txp_t_068.jpg as i look over my shelves i see books with such titles as:

some of these books i have used as resources in the past, they have also challenged me, i have even disagreed with some of the things they have said. do resources give us freedom or do they shackle us in more ways than we know. am i emergent/missional because of a book that i have read or because god is the one that is directing me that way? how do i change when others around me are not on the same page as me and i feel like an outsider? if i was to implement change as a ministry leader, do i walk boldly or on egg shells? do resources really help me in my context?what if we put all of our resources aside and only used two things to shape our lives and ministries that we are involved with? what if the only two resources that we used were:

  1. the bible
  2. prayer

what if…?


3 thoughts on “missional: evil/genius?

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