Justice & Mercy


Sunday, April 13th

This was a great kick-off to our Global Outreach Conference.

Phone call to one of our missionaries in Poland who is just recently on the ground and what they are experiencing and what they are being challenged by God as they start out. 0.2% of Poland is Christian (that’s less than Saudi Arabia.)

Krystall this award-winning group have a story that will leave you speechless and in awe of God’s mercy and grace.

George Snyman from Hands at Work, South Africa gave an amazing message based around story.

  • 6000 children are orphaned each day.
  • 180,000 children bury their parents each month.

the only way that you will experience true happiness will be when you learn to serve others. our love relationship with God is based on righteousness, the way we love others is based on justice.

i was challenged by God today. i was challenged in my relationship that i have with my neighbours. also in the injustice issues that are in my own community and country. if i want to become passionate about helping solve injustice issues around the world but do not care about my own community, do i have any right to care for other injustices around the world?

ultimately, if i love God (through a righteous relationship), i am then required to love others (seeking to right any injustices that may exist).

am i doing all i can? i struggle with two paths of thinking each day in my life.

  1. selfishness
  2. selflessness

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