i am reading a few books right now that talk about the emerging church, emergent church, and the missional church. it has me wondering if we really know what each one is really all about. and what impact would any one of them have on a youth ministry within either construct?

what is an emerging church? what is an emergent church? what is a missional church?

i’m wondering where i personally see myself fitting into any of these constructs? am i emerging, emergent or missional? are they inclusive of each other or completely exclusive? could you have two but not three together? if it’s about making disciples, what eveidence do we have that any one of them will make disciples?

the bigger problem: youth ministries in the west have been doing the same thing far to long with the same results. that’s insanity, defined by dictionary.com:

The act of alienating, or the state of being alienated.

why do we continue to do what we do with little or no results? is it about results? have we alienated youth from specific people or areas of their lives that they would have otherwise been exposed to had we not had them in “our” youth ministry?

what would you do if your church leadership (whoever that is; pastor/board or dir./presbytery etc…) came to you and said,

we are changing the way that we do things around here. we are going to move our church to become more emerging/emergent/missional (you pick).

what does that mean? what would you do? to whom would you seek advice from? what impact would you foresee within the youth ministry? would you welcome this or be threatened by it?


3 thoughts on “Emerging.Emergent.Missional

  1. Well . . . IMHO it is because we hold a fundamentally flawed understanding of the nature of the Triune God and His church. We wrongly understand the church as an institution that exists for the benefit of its “members” rather than as an instrument of a missionary God SENT into the world to participate in what He is doing.

    That’s all I have to say about that! 🙂

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