Base Weekend in Review: Vol. 1

Sunday Teaching Series: Outflow (Week 1 of 5)
Message Title: Overflowing Life
Sermon in a Sentence: Our lives are to allow God’s love to flow from us to those around us, based on Acts 1:8.
Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 8 out of 10
Attendance: (will be updated once I know)
Service Length: 76 minutes
Understandable Message: B+
Volunteer/Student Involvement: C- Many people away this weekend.
Element of Fun: B
Positive Environment: A-
Music Playlist: A- Hillsong: Count Me In, C+ Leeland (not sure of the title)

Thoughts: Great Sunday – lots of effort and it paid off! The videos were super, especially the opening promo video: the rapping granny. The Leeland music video for some reason didn’t “click” well with students or flow with the scripture. I had students at each service saying they didn’t get it. If I could change anything it would be to have my 11:30am talk at both services and some of the other ad libs and bits mirrored in both services as well. We missed the Hillsong video at the 9:15 service, it really added to the 11:30am service.

Overall grade:B+


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