Missional: Attractional vs. Incarnational

This is from a conversation I had today with a friend.

One thought on what you were saying about attractional vs. incarnational ministry.  As I was thinking about it I think that attractional ministry is probably more a part of the air war aspect of ministry, while incarnational ministry is more a part of the ground war.  Both are needed, but many times one or the other, or both, are lacking.  Without one we don’t reach new people (air war) and without the other we don’t train and disciple people properly (ground war).  I think that having one without the other will always leave some big problems in the ministry.
On the practical side of things, when it comes to style of worship, preaching, etc.  We need to have a balance I think between the air war/attractional aspect and the ground war/incarnational aspect.  By seeing the need for both we will both reach more new people and make them into proper disciples of Christ, who in turn draw in more new people (and on and on).  When it comes to worship style, the main priority in dealing with the attractional/air war model is that we reach people at their level.  However, that immediately turns into the need to reach them when their at the church, and then to move them into a deeper understanding of the entire concept of church itself, being inherently incarnational (if done right), which is ground war focused.

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