Book Review: Total Forgiveness

Total Forgiveness by R.T. Randall

I think one of the most freeing aspects that I am working through is to ‘bless my enemy’ or someone who has deeply hurt me.  Forgiving them is the first step, but“Totally forgiving them has fully been achieved when we set God free to bless them. But in this, we are the first to be blessed and those who totally forgive are blessed the most.” (page 194)  I know when my heart is free to do this and not just going through the exercise.  I am finding this to be a process that I alone with Jesus does together.  I revert back and forth but it is becoming much easier for me.  I am amazed when TRUTH does set us free.  But how stupid for me to be surprised at such basic truth.  It shows me how twisted my mind and heart can become to protect my own hurt, or reputation.  Wow.  Holding on to hurt and bitterness can only make us very ugly, bound and immature followers of Jesus.


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