Playing for Change

social justice is a powerful movement these days. it has become a cultural phenomenon that many organizations in both the private and public sector have jumped on board. there are many things that we can be involved with individually and corporately.  you can sponsor a child through several organizations, you can select something for christmas that would allow a family in an under developed area of the world to survive. you can help out at a local food bank or even give toys to a local fire hall or police station to help those in your community.

we are heading into the the time of year where it is called the season of giving. who do you give to and why? do you give to anyone b/c they don’t deserve it?

did you realize that north americans spend $450 billion on christmas each year.

did you realize that it will only take $13 billion to supply clean drinking water to everyone in the world.

(previous advent conspiracy post)

so when someone needs you to stand by them in there time of need, are you willing to do it? 

this video is by far the best version of this song i have heard.

ht to playing for change


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