Out of Sight Out of Mind


poverty, clean drinking water, aids/hiv, malnutrition, slavery…there are many types of injustices in our world today and they are not new. our ancestors dealt with many injustices and vowed that the world would be a better place for their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. they could have easily experienced injustices in their own lives and circumstances.

what type of injustices provoke something in you? a response, an emotion, a reaction, your time or money? what injustices have caused you to get personally involved, vowing to make a difference in the world, either in your community or in the global community? do you go at it alone or do you gather others around you to join your cause? is it through your place of work where your pay cheque gets garnered for something or do you have a picture of a child on your kitchen fridge?

would it matter to you if there was injustice taking place on your own personal property or country? what is your human responsibility?

Murder, abuse and Native injustice

Back in early September, in a quest to shed light on the appalling conditions on too many Native reserves, the families of two young Native men burned to death in a reserve jail cell in Northern Ontario, came to Toronto in an attempt to get the mandatory death-in-custody inquest moved to a big-city venue — Toronto or Ottawa — where it would get the media attention it would fail to garner up north.

Ricardo Wesley and James Goodwin, both 20, burned to death in a police lockup on Jan. 8, 2006 at the Kashechewan First Nation police station on the shores of James Bay. [read entire article hear]

do you really care?


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