Book Review: No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

nocrysleep I didn’t read the whole book. Just wanted to be upfront regarding this fact. What I did do was read the portions of the book that I needed regarding my 2yr old.

What a great resource for parents and care-givers who are dealing with toddlers and pre-schoolers. Two sections of the book really helped me (and my soul mate) in how to help our schedule and how it impacts our toddlers schedule as well.

1) Maintaining a Consistent Bedtime and Waking Time Seven Days a Week. This was tip was one of the Eight Sleep Tips for Every Child. What impacted me the most was this quote;

Sleeping late on weekends is similar to giving yourself jet lag every week – living in one time zone MOnday through Friday and a second on the weekends.

2) “Mommy/Daddy Stay!” Needing a Parent’s Help to Fall Asleep.

We needed this book to confirm things that we were doing right and the enhance/change the things that we had let slip or need to reapply to our son’s bedtime routine. Both going to bed and waking up. I need to take this book back to the library today but will be taking it out again as we head in to the “Night-time Fears: Monsters, etc…” I would recommend this without hesitation to parents who have children from 1-6yrs of age.

Author Elizabeth Pantley gives tools to help a one to six year old get in bed, stay in bed, and sleep all night by providing great solutions that also takes into account the mosaic of cultures that we have in North America. She does not take colonization approach in this book, rather she gives advice and solutions for parenting.

Visit: Elizabeth Pantley’s website:

Purchase Book Here:


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