Did You Know?

Apparently Sony played this video at their executive conference in 2008….
QUESTION: What are we doing in our youth ministries to prepare our students for what’s ahead of them?

2 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. good question… i don’t think it is necessary to prepare for the technological advances in a spiritual way. certainly everyone will adapt just as they have in the past. according to futurist ray kurzweil, technology has always advanced at an exponential rate, and that has not necessarily encroached on spirituality. technology is of a material nature; it does not bear on things immaterial. granted, how we understand the tangible gives rise to how we represent the abstract, and changes in technology, terminology, and language, and consequently conceptualization, will change how we represent our notions of things spiritual. this is not of great consequence, as most new concepts will likely be analogous to old concepts, and any spiritually innovative moves may actually be enlightening. in my opinion, the best thing to teach students is that faith should be their armour and their enabler, and that God and love and hope are, by definition, inseperable. we should tell them that regardless of the state of affairs in the world, they should let love and hope, and therefore God, work though them to affect change and to express compassion.

  2. timmmy_3: I would agree and disagree with you. I would agree that technology has not necessarily encroached on spirituality in regards to spiritual growth. Looking at churches today, technology is used across multiple platforms. Technology has given the rise to internet dating and accessing porn more easily and privately.

    If the world facts are changing so rapidly, what are we doing in our youth ministries to help spiritually prepare kids for the world they are growing up in and will graduate into?

    Is our message staying the same (the Word of God), are our methods staying the same or are they changing, do they need to change? Are we being as effective as we know that we should given the message of Jesus Christ that we have to share?

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