What you need to know about your medication.

If you’re caring for an individual, no matter what age they are. You need to know what medication they are on, what dosage and how often they are required to take it each day. Keep a list and keep it in the same place each time. Use your computer or a spreadsheet for this. You want this to be a medication journal for who you’re caring for. You cannot rely on them to remember or even your doctor. You need to be the one in control of this information. Be Fearless!

Here are some basic tips on when you are pickeing up medication for the first time:

1) What is it?

2) What are they taking it for?

3) When and how to use it?

4) What are the possible side-affects, if any?

5) Could this cause any complications with any other medications currently being taken?

Each time you go to the doctor or the pharmacy you need to do the following:

Bring a list of all the medications being taking each time.

Depending on how many doctors you might see, medications and there dosage might change between visits. You need to keep this list current and up to date. This will help your doctor or pharmacist check for interactions with various medication combination.

Pharmacy Tip: Know your pharmacist by name and make sure they know you. Take a few minutes to explain the circumstances going on in your family and then you will have another safegaurd in place for your family member. Pharmacists are an amazing ally and can even catch a doctors mistake on medication combinations or allergies.


6 thoughts on “What you need to know about your medication.

  1. Very good advice. I read where the average elderly person is on 12 medications.
    One other good tip that my elderly mother heard to do: She has a sheet posted on her frig of all her meds (dosage, etc). If she ever has to be taken to the hospital, the list is right there on her frig so EMTs or neighbor could just grab it and it would go with her to the hospital.

  2. Hi Jeff! Terrific tip. Thanks for being in our Progressive Party! I hope you are all enjoying a good weekend together. Please keep us posted…

  3. Oh you got that right! I keep a list and update it frequently at all times in my purse, so when such times calls and I need to take my father to the doctor or Urgent care, I have it handy, he takes quite a bit!!

  4. Great advice! Another thing I’ve done to help my parents as they take the medication is to write out the medication and the number of pills to take along side the time to take it. They just looked at the sheet for the time, saw exactly what to take.

  5. Great post. I’d like to add that an additional safeguard would be to ask the pharmacist whether certain meds don’t go well with specific food items.
    I just got done with posting a 6-part series on organizing medications on my site. Keep up the good work!

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