Bullied Teen Charged with Assault

KESWICK, ON — Hundreds of students at the local high school here rallied yesterday to support a 15-300_jack_rallyyear-old Asian boy who was the only one charged in a high-school fight in which the other boy allegedly started the scrap after racially taunting him.

The Grade 9 student at Keswick High School, who can’t be identified, is charged with assault causing bodily harm after breaking another student’s nose in a gym class last Tuesday. He is also serving a suspension and could face expulsion.

Full Story Here

Police, school officials, the school board, parents, politicians, and students will have their work cut out for them on this issue. Everything will be scrutinized very closely. How the police investigate who is involved? How will the Keswick High School officials respond or have they already made their decision? Will the school board step in or will they let the school administration hang out on a limb? Parents naturally take the side of their children but will cooler and wiser head prevail? Will the Georgina Municipal Council speak up or even get involved? The students have already done a small part of what they can by having a protest but there is more they can do.

When this is all over what’s going to happen to these two students. The student culture within any high school is similar to the Mob mentality you occasionally see on The Simpsons. Currently the student who has been charged is being hailed as a hero by the other students, otherwise they wouldn’t have protested on his behalf. The student who started the fight and used racial bullying may not be able to return to school because of what might happen to him, what might be said by all the other students who have already passed judgement.

I’m appalled that no one has stepped in because this issue may get out of hand very quickly.


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