Newer is Better, Right!?!

We had been doing the same treatment for years and all of a sudden a new treatment process has been approved. So it must be better right!?! Not necessarily. Science is a great thing and has brought us new technologies, new treatments, new drugs and it’s constantly seeking better answers. I loved science in school. My ADD brian loved the complexities of experiments and the fact that it sharpened my questioning process. Miss Pillon was my favourite high school science teacher, we also shared the same passion for the Toronto Blue Jays. Need I say more!

But when it comes to what we are dealing with as caregivers there are a few very important and key questions to think through and ask before making any decisions.

1) Become an expert. Learn all you can about the diagnosis of your loved one.

2) Partner with a doctor. You may have to search for this type of doctor.

3) Keep copies of all lab results

4) Try to get the markers done. Markers are those results of labs that doctors look for to make a diagnosis and staging of the diagnosis.

5) Get a second opinion from a specialist in the field of the diagnosis.

6) If in the US, assess established costs up front before making any decisions.

7) Don’t let the diagnosis take over your life or your loved one’s life.


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