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Each month christianaudio gives away a premium audiobook download for free. How does it work? Well, they give away one audiobook download (that they have published or that a partner has allowed them to give away) each month totally free; available only during that month; only once, ever.

Add the download to your cart and use the coupon code SEP2009 when prompted to receive this month’s free download!

God’s Word Heard is available in two different download types (in three formats). After purchasing, you can choose WMA or MP3, encoded by disc in 14 downloadable files; or M4B, encoded by book of the bible in 27 downloadable files. M4B offers iTunes & iPod users the option of bookmarking and skipping between chapters/books of the bible easily.

In the midst of our busy lives, it can often be difficult to find the time to get into the Word. Now, whether you’re driving your car or working at your computer, you can listen to the New Testament and let its message speak to your heart wherever you are! Read by Emmy award-winning narrator Stephen Johnston.

“GOD’S WORD is an easy-to-understand Bible. . . . It is a wonderful version.” -Rev. Billy Graham

To purchase the the MP3 CD version, or more information on the GOD’S WORD Translation,click here.

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