Implementing the Plan

by Tim McCoy

mime-attachmentYouth Leaders Unite!  I love the image of all youth leaders at the beginning of the ministry season, gathering together and doing the “all hands in the circle” shout of “ON THREE, WE CAN DO IT!”  Last week, I was away on a personal retreat and spent a portion of every day praying for these crucial days of implementing the plan and calendar that you’ve been anticipating all summer.

Wait…you did prepare for today last spring didn’t you?  All of your volunteers are in place for the fall and winter ministry seasons, right?  The ministry calendar is set and all that’s left to do is implement the plan that you’ve been praying over all summer.  Ready, set, go!

I’ve suggested here that planning should be a crucial part of what you do with teenagers in ministry.  I, with you, know and appreciate the challenges and struggles with finding enough people to share leadership within your ministry.  That’s why I’ve been praying.  And, that’s why you should, whether you’ve nailed down a calendar and plan or not, immediately invite a prayer team to be praying you through the fall and winter as you care for the spiritual and developmental needs of those you serve.  So, step one, find some friends and unleash their prayers over you and your team of leaders as you gingerly nurture the lives of those with whom God has entrusted  you.


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