School turns away bullied teen girl

Naudia’s choice: School 3 buses away — or school where girls wait to make her life hell.


Naudia Braun should be enjoying her first days of high school, meeting new friends, taking in new classes.BulliedTeen250

Instead, during this “Safe and Caring Schools” start to the academic year, the 14-year-old remains at home, with nowhere to turn because a bureaucratic 30 metres are all that separate her from a safe education.

Naudia was supposed to start Grade 9 at East York Collegiate, but her mother Cheryl refuses to send her there — and she agrees.


She underwent two years of absolute hell in her middle school at the hands of a pack of mean girls who were a year older — and now they’re lying in wait for her at East York.

So last March, her mother asked the Toronto District School Board to allow her daughter to attend SATEC @ W. A. Porter Collegiate this fall, just 1.3 km away from her home. They turned her down, even though she had been told there were spots open for transfers, because Naudia lives just outside the district. The Brauns’ home is on the west side of Victoria Park — if they lived just 30 metres across the road, she would have been able to go.

Complete Article Here: Mean Girls


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