The Importance of Family Dinners

Breakfast is usually a flurry of activity in my home. Everyone is usually in the same room together for about 5.2 seconds as we get ready for our day and then rush out the door. Lunch is hardly together as the kids are in school, I usually have a working lunch etc… Then we all kind of show up back at home and eventually we all end up together for about 25-35 minutes around supper.

Supper is an amazing time for us to reconnect, restore balance, eat, re-correct and recalibrate everyone’s day. I find supper to be more about restoring a sense of belonging and reminding my family that no matter what kind of day they have had that I love them and that I am proud of them. Especially during this current journey of health crisis that we are facing, this meal has become more important than ever.

Columbia University Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse recently did a research article that show the importance of family dinners

How important is family dinner to you and your family?


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