Tears & Pizza

Eight sleeps. That’s all I have with my wife. It’s not as bad as you might think, maybe. Heather is going in to hospital for a Bone Marrow Transplant on November 12th. She’s then in hospital for 4-8 weeks depending on how she responds to treatment. Since August, Heather has been receiving chemo that has decreased her immune system to very low levels. We now have to be very cautious here at home. Looking not only for our interests but for Heather.

So today, I went with our 3yo boy Nathan and our friend Arianne to stand in line for the H1N1 vaccine. To be honest I don’t normally get the seasonal flu shot. So why this year? Because I want to see my wife while she is in hospital-isolation and to protect her. So we stood in line, played with various items, ate way too many Starbursts, and then they finally called our names. So I asked Nathan to come with me and he did. First good sign as we walked towards the nurse. You see, I told Nathan that we were lining up for medicine. I didn’ tell him it was a shot untill we started to sit down beside the nurse and I rolled up my sleeve. Now to be honest I worded it that way to avoid any 3yo complications that could have made our 90minute wait seem like an eternity. So Nathan watched the needle go into my arm and he even asked if it hurt? I said, a little. Trying to make up for my deception for the past 90minutes. I then told him it was his turn to get the medicine. Que the tears. Now I know my son really well Andi know when he’s faking and I know when he’s sincere when he cries. This time I honestly could not tell. So I rolled his sleeve up, held him close, turned his head and did what any parent would do in that situation, I told him we would pick up pizza for supper. The tears immediately stopped. He pulled his head back and looked me straight in the eyes to make sure he could once again trust me, got a really excited look on his face and turned to the nurse who had just stuck him with the needle and said, “we’re gonna have pizza for supper!”

We stopped on the way home and picked up our favourite local pizza from Gino’s, ordered a Hawian with ham and bacon. Nathan loved every minute of it.

I asked Nathan as we were saying our goodnights, what his favourite thing was from today? He said, “Picking up pizza for mommy!”


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