When ‘nobody hears you’

Sex Trade & Trafficking is usually a conversation that is done in whispered tones and side glances. Youth Unlimited GTA ministry called Safelight decided to use a microphone to discuss this dark side of our humanness.

Safelight put on a one day education and awareness program that provided one-day conference to promote awareness and education, by dispelling myths and providing facts from expert speakers, and testimony’s from survivors exploited by the sex trade.

They targeting the Christian community, however, this event was open to those who wanted to attend a Spirit-filled day of information.

Christian leaders, and social workers, outreach workers, nurses, teachers, volunteers, students, law enforcers, media, survivors, parents and family members of prostituted people, all attended.

Speakers:Jan Rothenburger: Outreach/Yonge Street Mission, Tim Huff: Youth Unlimited, Greg Paul: Sanctuary Ministries, Brenda Wooten: Florence Booth Shelter-Salvation Army, Wendy Leaver: Toronto ‘s Sex Crimes, Special Victims Unit, John Fenn: John School Coordinator, George Schuurman: Retired Police Detective / Teen Challenge Board Member, Natasha Falle: Youth Unlimited / SafeLight Conference Coordinator

Testimonials: Amy Mcphee, Bridget Perrier, Kayla Scott, Roxanne Smith

The Toronto Sun also did an great article on the one-day conference and you can read it here: Toronto Sun Article.


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