“Blow” Energy Drink Stirs Up Controversy

LOS ANGELES — It looks like cocaine. It’s packaged like cocaine and it’s intended to make you feel wired, energized and feeling good. It’s a new energy drink called “Blow” and it’s stirring up controversy.

“Blow” is touted as a new, pure, uncut energy drink mix. It’s measured in grams, just like the real drug. It even comes with a mirror so you can break down the rocks in a fine powder. You then pour it into a bottle of water and you’re flying high on caffeine — a lot of caffeine.

“Blow” packs a punch: 240mg caffeine and 2000mg of Taurine. Just one vial of “Blow” is equal to drinking two “Red Bull” energy drinks and three cups of coffee.

But, nutritionists say “Blow” isn’t a harmless supplement. “One person could have a ton of energy. Another person could get very sick,” according to Los Angeles nutritionist LeeAnn Smith. Smith says parents should keep this product away from children. “This could also be risky for pregnant women. It could put them at risk for miscarriage,” Smith warned.

“It’s provocative. People obviously will have something to say about it, especially parents,” says a father KTLA spoke to in Hollywood.

“It’s not cool. It glamorizes the use of cocaine,” a mother told KTLA.

The manufacturer, Kingpin Concepts, Inc., says you have to be 18 years old to buy “Blow.” But critics say the product is currently sold on-line (at iloveblow.com) and doesn’t enforce age restrictions or take precautions to prevent children from purchasing the product. The company also promotes “Blow” on MySpace and other social networking sites popular with teens.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says “Blow” is an unapproved new drug and does not meet the requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Some consumers say the new product crosses the line and is a low blow in the fight against drugs.

Copyright © 2010, KTLA-TV, Los Angeles

Click to watch a news report about Blow on ebaumsworld.com


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