Week#1 Top Picks

This Weeks Top Youth Ministry Picks

View Photo Crusade against Bullying

Jaylen Arnold, 9, has Tourette’s Syndrome. When he started to get bullied at school, he didn’t fight or run away. As Kelly Cobiella reports, Jaylen launched a Web site and its worked wonders.

Book Review: Red Letters by tom davis

As a youth leader this book needs to be on hand as a continual reminder of how to live for Christ. In a job where this message is essential to not only our own personal relationships with Christ, but stands as a foundation to our…

Courage, Communication, Contradictions: Rob Bell on Youth Ministry | YouthWorker.com

YWJ: What are the magic bullets for today’s youth minister? Rob Bell: I don’t begin to think about that by wondering, “How do you do youth ministry?” I begin with, “What kind of person are you?” Let’s explore your own experience with the resurrected Christ. So if a youth pastor says, “How do I create a safe place where my kids can deal with their pain?” Let’s first talk about your own parents’ divorce. Let’s talk about how Christ is helping put…

Resource Steal of the Week

Mile Markers Mile Markers by Denise McKinney Brand New!

As a parent or youth worker, you have the privilege of walking alongside teens as they are on the road to discovering who they are and where they’re headed. You can encourage and affirm them as they begin to understand the answers to their questions of identity, purpose, and community, and you’ll guide them on their way to maturity.

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