Teens Don’t Sleep Enough: New Study Pt.2

Teens Pay Price For Lack Of Sleep

Poll: Few Get Enough Shuteye; They’re At Risk Physically, Emotionally

(CBS/AP) They drive while drowsy, oversleep, and doze off in class: Many of America’s adolescents are going through life sleep-deprived.

Only 20 percent of teens get the recommended nine hours of shuteye on school nights, and more than one in four report sleeping in class, according to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation released Tuesday.

What’s more, the poll finds that parents are mostly in the dark about their adolescents’ sleep habits. While most students know they’re not getting the sleep they need, 90 percent of parents polled believe their adolescents are getting enough sleep on school nights.

A quick sampling of teens… (read full article)



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