Out of Leaders

The Church is ONE Generation from Being OUT OF LEADERS

I was selected (voted) to be on the Elder Selection Committee for the church I attend. So far it has been a very  powerful experience for me spiritually. I have been praying more, more deliberately studying leadership passages from the Bible. I’m thinking and seeing things on a different level from within the church.

As a committee we were voted on by the members of the congregation and we had our first formal meeting. Two of our existing elders joined us, giving us some much needed guidance, direction and prayer. After the elders left our meeting we discussed process over the next several months before the selection process would wrap up with our recommendations to the elders for their consideration.

Yet I was surprised at one major flaw in the process. There is a lack of a leadership development process of potential elders. There is no plan, no process, no mentoring, no equipping, no intentional leadership development of leaders who could be potential elders.

Now I’m a huge sports fan and there are many profesional leagues that have farm systems. Why doesn’t the church have a farm system of developing leaders for specific areas of ministry based on their spiritual gifts? Why?

So what does your church do or your youth ministry do to help develop people based on their identified spiritual gifts for the next generation to replace the current generation?


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