Bawdy Houses Bad Business

One of the darkest days in my home province of Ontario was Monday, March 26, 2012. That is the day when prostitution and owning a brothel house became legal. You can read the Globe and Mail article here. 

I was speechless (which doesn’t happen very often) at the ruling even though I knew that it was eventually a Fait De Complet after the weeks of media coverage leading up to the ruling.

I’m no longer a proud Ontarian.

I’ve made a personal decision today on this subject. I’m making an appointment to meet with my Member of Parliament. I’m also going to make an appointment to meet with my Member of Provincial Parliament.

Find your federal and provincial members here: Federal Member of Parliament List & Member of Provincial Parliament

I’ve looked to many people for the opinions and thoughts on this ruling and I especially paid close attention to my coworkers here in Toronto with Youth Unlimited (Toronto YFC). My colleagues work in a front line organization called Light Patrol and the director, Joh Cassells, was recently interviewed on Sun News Network. Watch and listen to what John says about this ruling.


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