I’ve never really been good at math and I know that I’ll have to probably get a math tutor for my son at some point, but when I look at the math associated with REMIX it is hard to deny that it makes sense and it’s clear that this is not your typical trip to Toronto.

5000 students + 300 youth groups = 15 years

Local Focus = Global Impact

REMIX is an inner-city mission trip and this should be your mission trip.

Churches are using REMIX as the beginning training ground for their students to get the basics before they go out on an overseas mission trip. This is an excellent way for you and your students do life together before you take that them overseas. Chris Folmsbee loves REMIX and what they have going on in Toronto each year.

This is one mission trip that should be on your youth ministry radar for training your students to know how to…

live out the mission and message of Jesus.

By figuring it out locally so they can have a global impact in the future.

This is one mission trip I highly recommend and that’s why I have been personally involved with it for the past four years.



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