Please Help Brett Ullman

I was a fan of Brett Ullman before i was friend with him. but for years now, i’ve been both.

I remember hearing about Brett and what he was doing the topics he was speaking about, I was finally introduced to him at a Swiss Chalet (kind of fitting) while he was eating with his family. I made a quick observation that as I was talking with him I was looking at him eye to eye, while he was sitting and I was standing, I quickly realized that he was one tall fella. After making some arrangements I organized to have Brett come and speak to the youth and parents of our church. I remember watching him navigate many sensitive issues with provocative thought and integrity, I was convinced that he was in this thing for the long haul. Since that Swiss Chalet introduction I have come to respect Brett and the ministry he leads.

But somewhere along the line, Brett became a good friend of mine. Brett’s family and mine started to hang out at various times throughout the year and we eventually became part of a family care group together. Brett and I would meet for a sub or Swiss Chalet meal and talk life, family life and all facets of ministry strategies. I even worked for a bit of time with him in his ministry, and my time with Brett has shaped me in deep ways.

Brett and I have spent time together more than what seems normal, and have sparred or found common ground on more ministry and theological subjects than i can remember.

And i still love his speaking and resource ministry.

It shocked me when i found out recently that Brett — who, in the last handful of years, finished Arrow and a Masters degree — had just been diagnosed with anxiety depression, and was heading into a season of pause.

And, as you might expect, this puts his family into a bit of jeopardy, since most of his income is tied to speaking.

Brett was set to speak at his highest recorded number of dates this year plus have some additional resources produced. And if he can get these things out, he might be able to weather this. While a Brett Ullman resource is filled with great insights and helps for youth workers, students and parents, the live experience of his talk is what really sets him apart.

Brett Ullman needs our help. this isn’t just a guy trying to get fans to help fund something. This is a guy — a family, really — trying to find a way forward. even if you’ve never heard of Brett Ullman before, i’d encourage you to help purchase one of Brett’s many resources through his store. The worst that could happen is that you get some resources you don’t really care about, but help a family who have given to youth workers for so many years bridge a difficult gap. And the best that could happen is that you’ll do that and love the resources.

CLICK HERE for the Brett Ullman store.

and, watch these little videos:


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