Tuesday’s Top 5: Internet Accountability Software

Welcome back to Top 5 Tuesdays.  Today we will be taking a look at Internet filtering and accountability software for computer

and mobile applications, including Mac, iPhone/iPad/iPod, PC, Android, and Blackberry devices.

There is much to consider once you have decided to take the step to secure your Internet capable devices, including filtering strength; parental control options; accountability options; and cost.  This is just barely breaching the surface…

Let’s begin with some definitions.  Internet filtering software is designed to limit access to content available online, including pornography, violence, language, and other material deemed questionable.

Internet accountability software is designed to keep you accountable for your online activity by sending email alerts to people of your choosing should you access material you have previously deemed questionable.  They are then able to follow up with you if required.

So, without further adieu, here are the Top 5 from my perspective:

1. Covenant Eyes (www.covenanteyes.com) – Computer and Mobile applications for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod.  NO BLACKBERRY SOLUTION.

Cost: Computer – accountability & filtering ($10.49/month = $125.88/year) – any computer.

Mobile – free with subscription to computer software.


2. X3watch (www.x3watch.com) – Computer and Mobile applications for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod.  NO BLACKBERRY SOLUTION.

Cost: Computer – accountability and filtering software lite = FREE; Pro ($7/month = $84/year) – up to 10 computers.

Mobile – $6.99 app purchase


3. K9 Web Protection (www1.k9webprotection.com) – Computer and Mobile applications for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod.  NO BLACKBERRY SOLUTION.

Cost: Filtering software.  FREE to all applications.


4. NetNanny (www.netnanny.com) – Computer and Mobile applications for Mac, PC, and Android.  NO iPhone/iPad/iPad SOLUTION.  Used to provide Blackberry solution – BLACKBERRY SOLUTION DISCONTINUED.

Cost: Computer – filtering software $39.99/year/computer; Family Pack (3 computers) = $59.98/year

Mobile (Android only) – $19.99/year/device; $29.98/year (3 devices)


5.  Mcafee Safe Eyes 6 (www.internetsafety.com/safeeyes) – Computer and Mobile applications for Mac, PC, and iPhone/iPad/iPod.  NO SOLUTION FOR ANDROID OR BLACKBERRY.

Cost: Computer – filtering software $49.95/year (up to 3 computers, Mac or PC)

Mobile – iPhone/iPad/iPod – $14.99 app purchase


You may have noticed the theme of NO SOLUTION FOR BLACKBERRY.  It may be hard to believe, but there are currently no dependable solutions to filter/monitor/provide accountability for browsing on a Blackberry mobile device.  As a result, I would never recommend providing a Blackberry mobile device to your children, nor would I suggest anyone struggling with pornography purchase/use a Blackberry.  This is unfortunate, as those loyal to Blackberrys do not seem to be interested in any other product.

Tune in for Part Two right here of this posting discussing the Top 5 considerations when implementing Internet filtering/accountability software on computers and mobile devices…


Andy Lundy is a psychotherapist working in private practice (www.junipertree.ca) in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.  He can be reached via email at andrew.lundy@junipertree.ca… 


10 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Internet Accountability Software

  1. eBlaster for Blackberry, or Mobile Spy for Blackberry, are the only two I can find. The former customer service states that it also tracks browser use/history and searches.

      • You’re quite welcome. I know I had a tough time locating options for BB’s. Sorry, I guess I didn’t make that very clear in my previous post. Both are active and moderately priced. I meant that the customer service for eblaster stated that their app also tracks browser usage and history, though this is not made apparent in the software description on their website.

    • Hi Jenn,
      Thanks for these suggestions for Blackberry solutions. Both eBlaster and Mobile Spy do not log of filter Internet use – just messaging, photos/videos, phone calls dialed/received, email, GPS location, and a few other things. They both seem to be geared toward ensuring data safety for companies, as well as parents wanting to “spy” on their children’s phone usage without their children knowing about it. The costs are also quite expensive – $69.95 (special offer!) for eBlaster, and $49.97/3 months for Mobile Spy. Ouch. These software suites are a start, for sure, but do nothing as far as Internet filtering and accountability. Let me know if you (or anyone else…:) has any more questions relating to Blackberry. Take care, all…

      Andy Lundy, MA

      • That’s unfortunate. The customer service representative (Craig) I talked with via live chat on their site, stated that the program indeed logged internet usage. I guess they were just trying to make a commissioned sale, dishonestly so. I’m glad I hadn’t made the move to purchase it yet! Unfortunately, it was also the cheapest option I’ve been able to locate. All others have been ranging from $70-150 per year, on a monthly basis and I am looking for a long term, if not permanent, safeguard to cover all our devices. On a budget, since we are on one income while I am off with the little.
        I understand also that filtering programs (on their own) are notoriously faulty- In that the available material on the internet is so vast that they cannot possibly filter it all. The stat I remember reading was an estimated 91% could be blocked.
        I read in the article that the recommendation is for a person with a pornography/sex addiction is to just not have browser capability on their phone, or have a BB. My concern with that is that my partner has more of a global issue in using avoidance as a ‘coping mechanism’. I worry that simply removing the temptation to use his mobile browser when away with work is in a sense, anti-therapeutic? He also has a tendency to rather quickly gain a false sense of confidence in his ability to handle it, and relapsed after a few weeks of ‘success’. Which was confirmed when our 2 year old was playing with Daddies phone and a very long list of porn links came up in the search field (though he’d deleted the browser history) after he entered a single letter into it, luckily I grabbed it from our son before the link he had pressed opened!
        My other worry, is that perhaps this now unavailable option (since he is no longer taking his cell with him), will lead to more risky, or expensive (paying for hotel on demand porn) behaviours. He is away fairly often.
        He has also admitted (not without resistance) that he has viewed material on his laptop (he says maybe 5 times, which means at least 10 I’m thinking)when the kids are sitting like 10 feet away from him eating breakfast!! The fact that they can’t, or more appropriately haven’t accidentally been exposed to it yet, does not make me feel any better…
        So I am desperately seeking solutions to safeguard my home for my child, and step child, while we attempt to deal with this now and in the future.
        He will be going into an in-patient program (Bellwood) for 6 weeks, hopefully by mid August.
        But in the meantime I really need some solutions. We can’t really afford to go buy new cell phones outright. So should we just continue with him not taking his laptop or cell with him when he’s away? Should I restrict our internet during times when he is home alone? I’m terrified of him escalating and putting the children at risk of exposure. And the social worker he is seeing has apparently not even mentioned accountability software or filtering- which I find incredibly odd.
        Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated!!!

      • Hi Jenn,
        Sorry I have not commented back until now – I have been away:(. Feel free to give me a call and we can chat about potential steps to take. I can be reached at (905)910.1423. If I do not answer please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Sorry again for the delay. I hope I will be able to assist – I look forward to hearing from you…

        Andy Lundy, MA

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  3. Great list! However, I don’t see Open DNS on this list. Is there a reason? I use it and think it’s awesome imo because:
    1. there’s a free version
    2. it gets installed on your modem so it filters all devices (except if you have data on your mobile device then you need something on that actual device) that access the wireless internet in your home.

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