Summer Ideas

One of the things that I don’t get in youth ministry is when youth workers shut their youth ministry down for the summer. They have their last youth ministry gathering right before final exams an then they don’t start back up until after Labour Day in September.

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?

Students time availability is increased in the summer. Sure they might be going to camp or the cottage for a few weeks but you have a great opportunity to spend time with your students on their turf. You may want to change your ministry schedule through the summer but not shut it down.

Summer Ideas for youth ministry

Road Trip: gives you a chance to spend a concentrated amount of time traveling to a specific destination and then sharing an experience together. This gives you unlimited access into the lives of 3-5 students (more or less depending on the size of your vehicle).

Backyard Movie: all you need here is a white sheet hung up, a projector, speakers and a DVD play and you can have a late night carless drive-in. If you have access to a backyard with a pool it’s really awesome to hang out in the pool while watching the movie. Don’t forget to be really creative in your food selection.

Canoe/Camping: one or two nights is all you need for a trip like this. If your looking for packing tips and somewhere to go inCanada I would HIGHLY recommend the new app by Parks Canada.
What have you done during the summer to connect with students, parents or incoming students?
Enjoy your summer

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