Your Story: the wounding embrace

Your Story: the wounding embrace (Full Presentation by Brett Ullman)

So, you cut or, maybe you starve yourself. Maybe you’re even into substance abuse. I bet you feel alone. But how is this possible when nearly one in 4 North American teens struggle with self-injury? How can all these people be alone? Today, thousands of young people, under confident and often scared, are seeking release from their personal struggles in ways many people would prefer not to contemplate and, sadly, ignore. You probably have friends who cut, friends who are bulimic and you know self-injury is a serious problem in our culture today. Let’s Talk.
Self-injury is taking teen culture by storm and its impact is evident in teen movies, music lyrics and countless music videos. Brett Ullman examines the current influences of modern culture and the many reasons young people hurt themselves. He strives to empower struggling individuals to overcome the barriers to positive self-growth. – my speaking site – self injury site

To make a donation to support that work that we do at do at Worlds Apart (Canadian Non Profit) please click here – and type Worlds Apart into the charity search bar. Thanks for your support.


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