Why You(th) Are Addicted to Porn

Pornography is something we know that our youth experience, experiment with but it’s not talked openly in our youth online bondageministries. No I’m not suggesting that you have porn focused youth night (that just sounds weird).

What I am suggesting is that you think critically on these thoughts about pornography.

  • Do you look at porn? If you do then you cannot enter into a healthy discussion with your students on this subject.
  • Are you educated on the effects of porn? Do you understand the scientific and physical implications of what porn can do to the human body? If not, hen you should not talk about porn with your students.
  • Do you understand clearly what the Bible, the word of God, says about porn? Have you or someone you trust researched thoroughly what God says about porn? If not, then you should not be talking to your students about it either.

If you have not dug down deep into the soil on the topic of porn, then all you are left with is your own opinion or the opinion of others as it relates to a topic. Which is extremely dangerous.

Something I have learned from personal experience is that if you are struggling with something and you try to help someone to deal with the same issue, it becomes increasingly more difficult for you to overcome your own struggle.


What are some things you have learned about the topic of pornography in youth ministry? What would you add to this list?


Here is brief video that explains the scientific effects that porn has on the human body.



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